Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amos Powell - Releases an Elegant Book of Poetry

I had the privileged of purchasing and reading a wonderful book of poetry this past week by newly published author, Amos Powell.  When buying collections of poems, I'm never quite sure what I'll be getting in both verse and appearance, but in this case I was anything but disappointed.  From the first page to the last I was in awe of the beauty of this creation, and I would highly recommend it to all.  He currently has the book available at, but I will encourage him to expand his market and share this wonderful book with a much larger audience.  He deserves the exposure, and readers everywhere, deserve to share in this work.  You can view the first few pages and read more with the link associated below:
Approximately $3.00 US

 A review that I was not asked to write, but one that I felt compelled to complete:
"Amos Powell’s eBook of touching poems and elegant, high-resolution pictures is nothing less than stunning.  I purchased the book a few days ago and have looked through it numerous times.  The verse is unique and compliments the juxtaposed artwork in a way that titillates the senses.  I was treated to poetry that sent me back in time, as well as thoughts of the future.  I have a number of volumes of poetry in my digital library, but this has established itself as my favorite.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys heartwarming poetry, especially when blended with such masterful pictures.  The work is professional and denotes a great deal of time and thought on the part of the author.  Kudos Amos, you have a new fan in me.  Five stars for presentation and content, from one who is learning to love the poetic license." -- D. Larsen

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse Will Never Be The Same

Just a quick note with much more to follow in the coming weeks for this unique, in-your-face, comedic adventure...Zombie adventure, that is.  Champagne Jackson is geared up and ready to kick some serious...
The book is available now and ready for download.  Reviews are matchless, some as entertaining as the book itself.  Take a minute, or a few hours and read this killer novel.

Amazon $3.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by Cat Jones:
"Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass" is a witty, entertaining tale of zombies, screwups, and endless action. Champagne Jackson is one of the best characters I've met in a while. Big, black, and totally badass, her biggest weakness seems to be smooth talking players with a penchant for skanks. When at last she's had enough of Jackson Jackson's cheating ways and goes out to introduce him and Crack Ho Barbie to her shotgun, what happens next ensures this is one wedding anniversary she will never forget.

This is one of those books that had me grinning all the way through. Sure there's blood and guts and zombies but it delivers the sort of characters and dialogue that makes you snicker even as the guy next to you is getting his throat ripped out. As a huge fan of zom-com like Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland I would love to see this one hit the screen some day. Plus I'm thrilled to see Tallahassee is writing now. I guess the Twinkie thing is finally over."

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Fiverr Gigs Taking Off

I've recently started writing book descriptions for other authors and have been enjoying the experience immensely.  The work is exciting and a challenge, but getting to know the authors has been so fun.  I offer the service through Fiverr for those who like to use a main stream, verifiable agent.  However, I do take orders direct through this site or my email at

Services Starting at $5
 Over 115 services provided and 100% satisfaction rating.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Nearly Was Mine, A Novel by Nancy Farkas

Occasionally a romance novel comes along with such a unique story that I like to feature it on this blog.  Writer Nancy Farkas' This Nearly Was Mind is such a book.  The characters are, for lack of a better word, human, having frailties and struggles the reader can truly relate to.  If you are a lover of emotional, endearing stories this is a novel you should add to your library.  Readers are telling it all.  Take a look at some chosen reviews:

Amazon 5 Star Review by HeftyBanks:
"This novel has so much low key realness within its pages I felt like I was reading a diary more than a story at times. Most of the relationship dynamics within the pages are relationship dynamics we've all experienced at one time or another to one degree or another, but seldom with the depth that is brought forth here. The dialogue between characters is some of the most intimate dialogue I've read and again it made me feel like I was reading a diary about a relationship than a novel. Great story, great characters, great prose, just great."

Amazon 5 Star Review by Amazon Customer:
"This is a beautiful book. At first I was taken in by the vista of Spain (in the middle of snowy weather, a great idea!), and then the character grew up, grew older, kept returning to depict her life as relationships changed, grew, shifted--and it felt like I was hearing from a good friend about the challenges of love, children, bills, illness, trips--and above all of a recurring love that went through transitions with her. (The more I entered her life, though, the less I wanted the notes on how to make the book into a movie! I think other people loved it.) The final section, with its bittersweet picture of a love unfinished was poignant and beautiful. I loved the memory of this book, it will keep resurfacing for me!"

Amazon $4.99

In the summer of 1980, Annie, fresh out of graduate school, escapes a doomed engagement by fleeing to the Costa del Sol in Spain. The young traveler is seduced by the striking landscape and the shimmering sea, but not as profoundly as she was by Francisco, a local musician with a complicated past and a troubled soul. Her adventures propel her into adulthood and a life teased with what might have been.
Twenty-six years later, Annie’s teenage daughter Marielle, curious about her mother’s stories, searches for Francisco while on a backpacking trip through Spain. When Marielle’s search is successful, Annie’s thoughts return to her romantic past amidst the magnificent backdrop of the steamy Mediterranean coast. Francisco’s unexpected reappearance ignites powerful feelings she didn’t know were still simmering.
Annie obsessively questions every decision she made that summer and wonders about a life that could have been hers had she stayed. She is torn between her love and devotion to her husband and the intercontinental pull to the life she has fantasized about for decades.  
Will she sacrifice the life she’s built with her husband for one that nearly was hers so many years ago?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Investing Book Sale: Charts Don't Lie

Steve Ryan has published a unique financial guide, assisting investors of all levels of experience.  It's currently on sale (40% off) and will be until Feb. 22nd.  Learn the following:

The book covers the trading basics as well as:
1) How the 7 secret procedures will help your trading or investing more calculable and methodical. The steps are applicable to make money in any market.
2) How you will gain more conviction in your investing. No more "gambling" when you are trading.
3) How to exploit opportunities with disproportional Reward to Risk Ratio that will practically help you to make profits more consistently.
4) Investing for retirement? Trading for beginners? This book is for everyone, from rookies to seasoned pros.

Sale Priced $1.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by Stephen Sim:
"What I love the most: Mr. Ryan's concrete steps described in this book. They were very practical albeit most of them were not new. Things like "pay attention to volume" or "Support/Resistance" is well-known but sometimes underestimated by many traders. The book argued why they were critical to profitable trading.
Overall, recommended for seasoned investors and beginners. We all can learn something from this book."

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mike Kilroy's Solo - Kindle Countdown Deal

I'd recently posted a blurb about a new author who just blows me away - Mike Kilroy (See Below).  He has authored three unique, post-apocalyptic styled novels, which are receiving outlandish reviews by the reading public.  If you like this genre, he is not to be missed.  Solo, released in Dec 2014, is currently on sale for a few days at $0.99.  Get it while you can - this book is highly recommended by myself and  Use the link below to download it today.

Sale Priced $0.99

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Demon's Quest by Charles Carfagno Jr.

I was introduced to a new author this past week who has written a three-part series, A Demon's Quest: The Beginning of the End.  I read volume one in only a few sittings and was swept away by the imagination and creativity the author exhibited.  The story follows different story lines, which converge on a common theme of saving the human race from the onslaught of wicked villains, evil demons and corrupted beings of their own race.  My review is below:

Amazon $2.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by D Larsen:
Encouraged by a friend to read volume 1 of this series, I found myself, at first, bogged down in trying to remember all the names, places and circumstances. However, with pen and notepad nearby, I forged ahead and was soon caught-up in the lives of countless characters, who traversed a number of parallel plots. I had my favorites, enjoying the Red Knight and Torhan's storylines the most, but the others almost equally pulled me along. The story is set in a fantastic world of mythical creatures, absurdly evil villains and crafty humans. Although the plots are all someone separate in this first installment, I can see how the author is gradually weaving them together. The book does end somewhat abruptly, encouraging the reader to purchase the next volume -- not too unusual for the current trend in literature.
I would have to say for a first attempt Mr. Cargango has done very well. The manuscript is almost completely free of typographical errors and the writing style is pleasing - kudos to this new author. The thing that captured my attention, above all else, was the writer's imagination. I thought some of the creatures, spells, and weapons were uniquely his own. They were well-described and aptly used throughout the story.
I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Fantasy and Adventure, but especially teens and young adult readers.

* * *
I'm currently reading volume 2 and have the series featured 'In the Crosshairs' on  A great story for readers of all ages but a fantastic read for those into magical adventures.

* * *
Synopsis of Volume 2:
 Volume two of A Demon’s Quest: The Beginning of the End picks up the harrowing adventure of Torhan, as he tries to clear his name and fulfill his oath to Grappin. Stretched by the things he must endure, Torhan’s life cannot…and will not, ever be the same. Struggles abound: man against mythical creatures, good verses evil, and the quest to overcome one’s own weakness.
A host of characters, you’ve come to love or despise, continue down twisted trails of deceit, unforeseen evil, and memorable battles. Gilex prepares to leads his devoted band of followers on a treacherous journey to find the Circle of Demise. However, his greatest enemy may prove to be himself. The Lord of the Mind focuses his attention on Redden and ruling the world. Jacko’s daring escape only imperils him further… The fox, Slyantom, will have his revenge. And Sybil…she slumbers, an eternal sleep, but help is on the way.
Questions, left unanswered in volume one, hurtle toward inexplicable answers in this second installment.
Will the Book of Blood release the Blood Knights from their earthen tombs? Will the Red Knight regain his memory and seek revenge on his master? These, and many more queries, will hold you captive until the very last page of this epic tale of magic and fantasy.

Amazon $3.99
 Amazon 5 Star Review by Feerick:
"...a breathtaking fantasy story. The plot-line was intriguing, intense and suspenseful. The characters were really well developed and it was the writing that really pulled me in. I have no complaints about this one. I am already recommending it and will continue to do so for a long time to come. This book will really make your evening enjoyable, pick it up and don't forget to breath!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sound Recording: 56 Practical Tips

Amos Clarke, a professional sound engineer and mixer, has been featured on this blog before, with his small studio production guide.  However, I couldn't help but post his latest work, which is a collection of practical tips for the home or small studio.  He's brought 56 functional and practical tips forward for any level of user to appreciate.  This advice has taken him years to coalesce in his own work, and it's now at your fingertips to start using today.
The eBook was just released this past week, but I'm sure the reviews will be just as positive as his other works.  His descriptions are straightforward and easy to follow and will be an asset to any recording specialist / hobbyist.  Take a look with the link below:

Amazon $5.99

This First Edition Includes A Free ‘Drum Processing’ Video Tutorial

This first edition comes with a free drum processing video where Amos shows you how to get fat, smackin’ and punchy drums. The video is packed with audio examples and explanations on the principles behind the processing. A must-watch!

Flip to any page, read the technique, and apply it. It’s really that simple. This is not a book that trawls relentlessly through the world history of mixing before providing any useful advice. It simply gets straight into the business of giving you real tried and proven mixing tips that actually work. And there’s plenty to keep you busy. The book covers processing such as compression, equalization, panning, parallel compression, transient manipulation, harmonic distortion, delay based effects and much more. The real value is how combinations processing work to create magic in your mixes.  

The book is formatted consistently so that each tip has a clear explanation of what it will achieve, why it works and how to do it. You can get straight to it and start applying the techniques immediately into your own mixing projects. The focus of the book has been to keep it practical and informative. This is a ‘how-to’ manual that is clear, concise and an easy read. The book also includes a short glossary at the rear.
These mixing tips have been developed by the author based on over 10 years working professionally in production, recording and mixing. They are a collection of his most loved and utilised techniques, based on his own research, knob-twiddling, and discussions with other engineers. These are guaranteed to be effective in adding professional level expertise to your work-flow.

This book contains mixing techniques that could create the mixing break-through you’ve been looking for! Do you need solid, punchy drums; a lead vocal that really sits solidly and clearly in the mix; more definition and clarity to your entire mix? All these and more are ready and waiting.
About the Author:
Amos Clarke has been working as a recording and mix engineer, songwriter and producer for well over 10 years. He’s worked extensively in live sound and as a bass player and vocalist in working bands that have gigged around the world. He’s also a lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand where he’s being lecturing at a tertiary level for over 15 years. He holds a diploma in audio engineering from SAE and currently runs sHOWpONY, a boutique recording and production studio in Auckland, New Zealand.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dystopia Fleshed Out to the Ravenous Hordes

Author Mike Kilroy can write death, destruction and misery like no other SciFi author today.  His books are taking Amazon by storm, selling thousands and prompting hundred to write overwhelmingly positive reviews.  If you are a reader of the dystopian or apocalyptic genre, you need to discover Mr. Kilroy, as I have.  I'm currently reading The 17 and can't wait to get started on Nine Meals.  Both are featured on and are absolutely worth the download.
He has a way with character development that will place you right along side the players as they struggle to survive.  I'm recommending his titles to all my friends who enjoy the grit of a fallen, future society.  Thumbs UP from me!

Amazon $2.99

 The 17 Synopsis:
Zack Earnest will die today.
That's okay. He'll be back from the dead tomorrow.
You Only Live Once? Not here. Here the rules of life and death don't apply.

Whisked away from his home, his only friend and his mother's scrumptious eggs, 17-year-old outcast Zack finds himself a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by other teens from his world and many others, held hostage and thrust into barbaric games by an ancient species known only as the Ankhs.

The Ankhs are in their death throes and seek a "Spark" to survive. Zack and sixteen others just like him may possess it.

Along the way Zack develops a romance with the girl (in the solar system) next door, and they soon discover the Ankhs are not what they seem. 

Amazon $2.99

Nine Meals Synopsis:
When the sun belched and the power grid failed, it was only nine meals until the end of the world.  

Billy "Shep" Shepard always thought the apocalypse would come from an asteroid with a funny name, or a super bug, or a nuclear war, or even Yellowstone blowing its top. It came from none of those things. Instead it came from an angry sun in the form of the biggest Coronal Mass Ejection mankind had ever seen - and it slapped the human race back a century.
 In these grim times, people kill for food, water and weapons. They scratch out a feeble existence after "The Ejection." But not Shep. His biggest question each day in his underground bunker is "Cheese Ravioli, Beefaroni or SpaghettiOs?" 

Shep soon discovers that nothing in this new world is guaranteed. He and Antigone, a girl he rescues, are forced to take a perilous journey across an unyielding landscape toward the one place rumored to be unsullied by the disaster. Along the way they must overcome hunger, disease, desperation and death while running from a man who wants nothing more than vengeance.  
Amazon 5 Star Review - Nine Meals by Josie Sales:
"Author is skilled at telling a story. I really liked the picture he painted and the fact he was able to keep me guessing with the plot twists. It wasn't the same old same old world goes to crap storytelling.
The characters were believable and multiple-dimensional, which was refreshing. Quick read, and enjoyable."