Friday, August 29, 2014

Operation Z-Day - Free Download

Book #1 of The Raven Falconer Chronicles is FREE today through Sept 1, 2014.

Ally McMahon:
"Operation Z-Day from the Raven Falconer Chronicles is an action packed suspense filled post apocalyptic zombie thriller. Author Dennis Larsen surpasses expectations with this captivating and alluring story of the fight against a virus spreading and destroying the minds of all who contract the virus turning them into zombies fueled only by basic instincts. Although steps are taken to stop the spread of this virus it is too late. Millions are now infected. Here we join the main characters in the fight of their lives.

This book in the series sets the background and the story line firmly in place. The characters are well developed and I find myself eager to get onto the next book to find out how this will play out.

For an exciting and intense zombie experience I highly recommend it!"

"Raven and her friends are fun, interesting and well fleshed out. Pun intended (you'll get it when you read the books). Their dreadful adventure is fast-paced, thrilling and keeps you guessing. This is like no other apocalyptic work. Larsen knows what came before him, and he plays with well known themes while making his own unique story. His first book is a fun take on themes that needed a new, interesting voice. Well paced, interesting read that this reader really enjoyed. I give this book about apocalypse, friendship, love, and endurance despite the odds: 5 out of 5 Opinionated Zombies or stars."

Book #1 of 3
 Click cover for your free download.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 20th - Free eBook from John D. Ottini

A Fool and His Money takes the reader on a trip of discovery, opening doors into secret inner thoughts and feelings that keep this book a page-turner.  The characters are 'real' and well fleshed out, making for an entertaining read, and best of all August 20th it's free!

Take a moment and see what the author has to offer:

Love and Money are two important ingredients in a man’s recipe for happiness. Unfortunately, those same two ingredients under the wrong circumstances can be a man’s recipe for disaster.

Unlucky at love, unemployed and drowning in debt, Thomas O’Connor is a man in need of salvation.

When an unexpected gift arrives from an unknown source, Tom is confused, yet elated about his new-found fortune. His luck continues when he runs into an old flame he hasn’t seen in years and sparks begin to fly. Strange how a man’s fate can change when he least expects it – one moment he’s miserable and struggling to make ends meet, and the next he’s back on his feet and looking forward to a bright future… or so he thought.

Then Tom’s rediscovered love reveals the shocking skeletons in her past, and he must decide to forgive and forget or turn his back and walk away. If he chooses to stay, he must find a way to live with the violent action required to keep her in his life. An innocent search on the Internet unveils a problem that could stand between Tom’s good fortune and ultimately, the love of his life.

They say that love is blind and money is the root of all evil, but sometimes you don’t realize that until it’s too late.

Amazon $1.99 but Free Aug 20

A Fool and His Money is a novella about love, happiness, desire, greed and murder.

Amazon 5 Star Review by Kyla:
"Tom is an average man who has had a a run of bad luck. He is drowning in debt, has no social life, and doesn't see things changing anytime soon. So, when an unexpected inheritance shows up, naturally Tom believes all of his problems will be solved. However, more money brings more problems, and Tom finds himself way over his head.

A Fool and His Money is a great story about one man's endless struggle to improve his life. The characters are well defined and believable. The story line has some nice twists to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down.

I look forward to reading more from John D. Ottini in the future."

Visit Hell - I'm Not Kidding!

Scott Leddy's Beyond Gehenna Series is one of the most thought provoking ideas I've seen in some time.  The Vietnam War, for many of us that grew up during those traumatic years, taught us about the world and good vs. a perceived evil.  This author takes it a step beyond the norm and descends with his main character into the very jaws of hell, where the reader can only imagine what they will find.
We are featuring these books on eReaderRecon because they've been lost in the thousands of books that compete for your view, and these should not be missed.

Please take a minute to view the book's information and see if you're ready to visit hell!  I know I was and there's no turning back.

Book #1 Synopsis:

Attempting to escape his troubled past and his horrific nightmares, Elgin Thomas flounders deep in the heart of Vietnam's central highland district. Soon exposed to a corrupt and immoral society--a society consumed with chaos and injustice, where the laws of man are subjective and God has turned a deaf ear--the war, for him, takes a heavy toll.

While on a clandestine mission, Elgin is confronted by the dreaded Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia's deadly killing fields. Faced with his own mortality and questioning his faith, he must make a choice: abandon his mission and flee or stay and fight. It isn't until he is fatally wounded that a bad situation turns into the unthinkable.

Beyond Gehenna: Tour of Duty is volume one of a two part series, which grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning, presenting a bone-chilling depiction of the realities of war and a horrifying glimpse into the after life. A thrilling roller-coaster ride that doesn't stop until its surprise ending...

Amazon $2.99

Book #2 Synopsis:

Elgin Thomas's iniquitous past soon catches up with him. He wanders the fiery depths of Hell, where his fortitude and sanity are continually challenged. Introduced to a cast of unsavory characters, Elgin must learn to adapt and survive as he traverses through the Underworld's scorching, volcanic terrain. It is a world of serial killers, demons, satanic rituals, secret societies, petty criminals, and an entire host of some of history's most ruthless tyrants.

Attempting to atone for his sins, Elgin seeks salvation--but is he trying to find a way out of the abyss, or is he merely attempting to cope with his own delusional mind?

Amazon $2.99

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Desire & Prejudice by Jean-Louis McMillan

I had one of eReaderRecon's authors contact me today with a request, and I'm happy to assist him by posting his note.  He has written a steamy romance, which has received excellent reviews and boasts an Amazon 4.6 Star rating.  The eBook will be on sale for a few days so take advantage of the low price while it lasts.

Amazon Sale to Aug 20th $0.99

Please take a moment to read his request:


Please assist me to break Amazon's algorithm, which presents a clear priority to the well-known writers, agents and publishers, leaving behind the new indie writers:
25 downloads in one day, boosted up my book Amazon’s rank from 478.560 to 11.141.
It's obviously a virtuoso jump, but I need #20 or less to make Amazon’s algorithm display my book to potential readers proactively.
My book is now sold on Amazon for 99 cents (up to August 20), I need a couple hundred sales each day to break forward this barrier.
Please help spread this message far and wide
I’m certain you’ll love this book and beside that, you’ll aid a new writer to overcome the unfair competition of those who already have a well-oiled system to use Amazon's algorithm for their profit, and leaves the new writers behind.
Thanks for your help, everyone!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Raven Falconer Chronicles Review

The winner of a Goodreads' Giveaway was kind enough to share her thoughts about the series with the Goodreads' community and I've posted her comments here:

I really enjoyed this collection for many different reasons:
1) the realism was extreme, this is the most realistic zombie/apocalyptic book i have ever read, the way the characters react and the science behind the infection made for an extremely believable and haunting story.
2) Nathan was an amazing character and i really liked the contrast between him and Eli, the both made the story so much more complex.
3) Not only did our protagonists have to survive against the cannibalistic huskers but they also had to fight with other humans, the narratives i loved how the story developed with the narratives as it is something i could definitely imagine happening in our society.
overall, a very good story start to finish with interesting characters and plots, i would recommend to anyone who likes survival/apocalyptic/zombie books :)
FYI- I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. 

Review by Cody Morris

Amazon $2.99

Romance in the Australian Outback

Author, Olivia Bersell, has written an engaging love story set against the harsh landscape of Australia's wilderness.  Under the Burning Sky is highly rated at 4.9 stars on Amazon with enough reviewers to satisfy any skeptics.  I recently purchased the book, and although I haven't finished it, I can recommend it to you for your consideration.  The characters are 'real' and truly likeable, creating a comfortable feel to the book that I'm enjoying.

If romance is your genre please spend a few minutes with this captivating title.

Amazon $2.99
Amazon 5 Star Review by K Banes:
"Under The Burning Sky is a compelling story of love and what can unexpectedly get in the way of it. Set in 1969, but with a contemporary feel to it, the story takes us from Chicago to a remote station in the Australian outback. The main character is hugely likable and the love story very tender and believable. As someone who has visited the Aussie outback I also found the setting very realistic.

A great choice if you like romance, with a real story behind it and a bit of intrigue. This is a novella so it's fairly short, and the writing style makes it a very pleasant, easy read.

Disclosure: I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own."

Amazon 5 Star Review by The Book Dork:
"I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed every minute. Loved the Australian setting, loved the hero and his backstory. All the characters are written with a lot of depth and the plot line of the novella is well written. I just had to know what would happen next. This is not your average read. Real people with less then fairy tale lives. Under the Burning Sky has a bit of everything...adventure…mystery…and romance. First time I read this author and found this tale impressive. I will continue to read her trilogy and am looking forward to the next installment. I highly recommend this engrossing tale set in the Australian “down-under”."

The title, including its trailer, is featured on